Effect of supervision on employee performance: a case study of Ihope Foundation -Kampala District

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The purpose of this study was to establish the impact of supervision on employee performance in IHOPE, Kampala branch. The objectives of the study were to find out the supervision practices branch, to examine the factors affecting employee performance at IHOPE and to establish the relationship between supervision and employee performance at IHOPE Kampala branch. The researcher obtained an introduction letter from Kampala International University, which was presented to the Manager in charge ofIHOPE, Kampala branch. The study considered 30 respondents from IHOPE, Kampala branch. Both purposive and simple random sampling were used and the data was collected using questionnaires. The study employed both primary and secondary data. P1imary data was got using questionnaires while secondary data was got from rep01is and journals The data was then edited, coded and tabulated. Data was analyzed using tables that involved computation of percentages. Statistical package for Social scientists was also used to analyze the data and ascertain the con-elation and regression and make conclusions. The following findings were got; 72% respondents agreed that Supervision is a very important aspect in the good performance of employees in IHOPE. It was observed that there is a moderate positive relationship between supervision and employee performance. (r = 0.39** ,p<0. l ). However, there are other factors that affect employee performance which include; allowances for transport and accommodation, favorable working conditions, a good number of young and well educated employees. The study concluded that; Supervision being carried out in such organisations has a major role in motivating employees thereby increasing perfonnance, there is a lot of efficiency being exhibited by employees, employees need a kind of supervision where they can express and exchange opinions, ideas and views with managers such that managers can be seen as paiiners in improving performance, there is need for more tools to equip the staff and regular supervision for some employees. Major recommendations which should be adopted include; Managers should go for special inservice training in supervision of employees, more sensitization of staff about supervision by policy makers, further research should be carried out in other branches in order to get all the factors affecting supervision, design of an early warning system to detect and prevent fraud.
A Research report submitted to the faculty of business and management for the partial fulfillment of the award of Bachelor Degree of Human resource management of Kampala International University
Supervision, Employee performance, Ihope Foundation, Kampala District, Uganda