Content analysis of media coverage on defilement cases: case study of the daily monitor and the New Vision Newspapers.

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Defilement cases are making headlines with each new day both at the international and national levels. All you have to do is just take a newspaper and you will absolutely find a defilement story. Although laws have been enacted to deal with defilement cases, the offence is still on the increase with some getting coverage by the press and legal institutions yet most of the cases go unreported. This research covered a period of between 1996-1998, the choice of the media was only limited to the daily Monitor and the New Vision newspapers in Kampala district. This is because they are the most read newspapers, Elements such as area ,of study, data collection methods, and sample size and selection procedures were critically described and analyzed. More so the length of the study, resources and composition of the respondents were limited to the choice of the methods used, Data sources were both primary and secondary; a number of challenges were met especially during data collection process with defilement being a sensitive issue. This led to withholding of most of the information by respondents. In conclusion content analysis of media coverage of defilement cases by the press should be intensified and more information should be given to the press starting from the grassroots level i.e. the local council officials to the judges to enhance coverage and uproot the issue of defilement. No compromise should be given to defilers whether of close relation or distant relation.
A research proposal submitted to the faculty of Social Sciences as a partial requirement for the fulfillment of the Award of Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication at Kampala International University
Media coverage, Defilement cases, New Vision Newspapers