Impact of Inventory Management on the Business Performance:

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
The study was carried out to evaluate on the impact of inventory management on the business pe1formance and the researcher used Seroma Ltd Uganda as a case study. The research set the objectives which he based on to draft the questionnaire. The objectives were intended to; establish strategies that purchasing entities can adopt in managing inventory, investigate the challenges encountered in inventory management in Seroma Ltd and to explore the effects ofinventory in business performance. In chapter two, the related literature was reviewed which was inline with the objectives and research questions. Chapter three focused on the research design, study population, sampling techniques and size that is sampling method and sample size data collection methods and instruments, data analysis and limitations of the study. The researcher had a total population of 70 people from whom only 60 were chosen. Chapter four of this research had the presentation, interpretation and analysis of findings. The data was presented in form of tables, and graphs. The researcher followed the questionnaire from the demographic characteristics of the respondents and then the objectives of the study. As per the demographic characteristics of the respondents, majority were men compared to women. It was implied that male contribute more on the impact of inventory management on the business performance compared to women who were few md they have therefore realized the impact of inventory management. The age bracket of38-48 had majority of the respondents because _they were considered to work harder than those within the age bracket of 18-27 and those who were above 49 years. In reference to the researchers f'indings on contribution of inventory management to the performance business, 53% of the total ·espondents who were the majority seemed to be a ware that inventory management contribute nore on the performance business. Chapter five contained the summary of the findings and iiscussions of findings about the research. The researcher summarized that inventory management contribute much one the performance of a business in Seroma Ltd Uganda. It also contained conclusions and recommendations where the researcher recommended that Seroma ~imited Uganda should forecast market for its products so that it stocks enough inventories to tvoid under stocks and reduce on damaged inventory. He went ahead and recommend that the company should also need to fix the stock levels that is, maximum, minimum, and reorder levels or all items in stock in order to avoid inadequate stocks or stock outs suffered by the company. stock levels will help in guiding the time and period of replenishment that will avoid stock outs.
A Research Dissertation Submitted to the College of Economics and Management in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the award of Bachelor’s Degree in Supplies And Procurement Management of Kampala International University
Inventory Management, Business Performance, Uganda