A study on universal primary education and pupils' performance of selected primary schools in kirewa sub County Tororo District: 2001 – 2005 proposed improvement

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
In educational system, primary education is the core offering a foundation where all the proceeding education (higher levels) is laid upon when the student is still young but very receptive. To be successful in this education its quality should be emphasized by all the stakeholders. , In some sections of the society especially in rural areas, this vital education is not given its due regard resulting into low performance. The study on UPE and pupils' performance in the selected primary schools in Kirewa Sub County, Tororo district 2001-2005 was chosen for the investigation. The objectives of the study was to determine the level of pupils' performance in these selected schools. However, the findings suggested that UPE programme was a failure as most pupils did not pass PLE to continue with their education due to the prevailing conditions such as inadequate classrooms, no seating facilities, no lunch provision, low qualification of teachers, big class size in these schools. These were the problems for which this study is seeking to establish the answers for the quality of the Universal Primary Education can be improved upon. Different schools of thought were consulted to affirm the conditions under which these Universal Primary Education (UPE) schools operate in order to modify and get solutions for them so as to realize better results. These results were examined for comparison, analysis and gave possible recommendations and suggestions to better the existing performances in these schools.
A thesis presented to the school of post graduate studies Kampala International University in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Degree Master of education in management and administration
Universal primary education, Pupils' performance, Uganda