Education and employment of physically challenged persons a case study of Mbogoini division, in Nakuru - north district of Kenya.

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Kampala international international: College of Education, open and distance learning
This research study aimed at investigating the correlation of education and employment of physically challenged persons in Mbogoini Division, Nakuru-North District. The research is divided into 5 chapters which attempt to navigate from the background to the problem, objectives and research questions of the study (as will be seen in chapter one). Chapter two focuses on the reviewed literature which was very vital in the study and formed a basis for the research investigation. Chapter three concentrated on the methodology which comprised of the research design, study population (size and area) as well as data collection instruments. Chapter Four was devoted to the presentation of data and analysis. Finally, Chapter Five gave a summary of the findings, conclusions and recommendations. It also gave areas for further research.The research was guided by the objective and the research questions. The research revealed that instructors in the polytechniques the physically challenged attend are not trained in special needs education and they have not been exposed to workshops and seminars on special needs education. The study further revealed that there were no instructors within these institutions who had specialized knowledge geared towards the specific training needs of the physically challenged persons. A further research revelation was the fact that the curriculum used to train in the vocational institutions for the physically challenged adequately prepared the physically challenged for gainful employment. On education of the physically challenged, the research learned that a bigger percentage of the physically challenged ready for gainful employment at least attended and completed primary school education they further engage in income generating activities of their choice. The study findings indicated that the major problems faced by the physically challenged when finding jobs is lack of adequate finances. Other factors included lack of transport as well as discrimination from the employers. Finally, the research discovered that many employers in the private sector rarely consider the physically challenged people in their job domains although the government institutions and parastatals have provisions for the same.
Research report submitted to the school of open and distance studies in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the a ward of bachelor of arts in special needs education of Kampala international University
Education, Employment, Physically challenged persons, Nakuru district