The role of material resource management in organizations efficiency: a case study of pilgrim organization in Soroti Municipality.

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Kampala International University.College Of Economics and Management
The purpose of the study was to find out the roles of material resource management and how it leads to efficiency of an organization. Besides that it was also aimed at highlighting the indicators of efficiency. The study was carried out among the staff of various departments of the Pilgrim NGO. The study was carried out using questionnaires and interview guides which were administered to staff of Pilgrim NGO. After the data collection exercise, it was then descriptively analyzed and interpreted. The specific objectives of the study were to:- analyze the indicators of efficiency in materials resource management; find out the methods used in materials resource management. This brings about organizational efficiency and examines why some organizations are inefficient in managing their material resources. The study was guided by following research questions:- What are the indicators of efficiency in resource management? What are the methods used in materials resource management which brings about efficiency. What causes inefficiency as far as good material resource management was concerned in some organizations. In respect to the discussion and conclusion made in chapter five, the researcher came up with the following recommendations:- I. There is an imperative need to establish good materials resource management rules and regulations in every organization handling materials. 2. Adequate material resources should be availed to avoid incontinences in production processes and also avoid customers. 3. Organizations should always offer training to their staff members concerning good materials resource management such that problems like inefficient manufacturing processes are handled with a lot of professionalism. 4. Organizations dealing directly with materials resource management should embrace principles like JIT, Lean production, WIP and others that bring about organizational efficiency.
Dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree of bachelor of Supply and Procurement Management of Kampala International University
Material, Resource, Management, Organizations