A critical analysis of the Rome statute visa viz states obligations:

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Kampala International University, School of Law
The study investigates the effectiveness of the Rome Statute with respect to member states' obligations. Specifically the investigation fraises on the indictment of President Bashir by the ICC and the challenges this action has triggered. Essentially chapter one deals with. the generalities of any investigation and sets the platforms for the detailed study. The second part of the discourse discuses the development and reunifications of International law both before and after World War two. This discussion provides a historical background to what later became the International Criminal Court under the Rome Statute. The subsequent phase of the discourse gives a detailed analysis of how the Rome Statute should ideally function. It also analyses the realities on the ground especially so the behavior of member states part four of the discourse attempts to analyze the successes so far by the ICC as well as the challenges both in the immediate and long term especially so the negative attitude by the USA towards the operations of the ICC. Meanwhile the African leaders accuse the ICC as yet another instrument to control Africa because so far the major activities of the ICC have targeted Africans and their leaders. The last part attempts to put forward, what in the view of the investigator, are considered as strategic recommendations. It is hoped that someone out there will read this work and pick one or two of the recommendation in order to enforce the performance of the ICC.
A dissertation submitted to the faculty of law in partial fulfillment for the requirements of the ward of a Bachelors Degree of laws Of Kampala International University.
Law, Rome statute visa viz states obligations, Sudan.