Causes of poor performance in English language in Malongo Sub-County Mayuge District between the year 2003 – 2006

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
The researcher's topic was CAUSES OF POOR PERFORMANCE IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE IN MALONGO SUBCOUNTY in Mayuge district. The purpose was ascertaining remedies to the causes of poor performance in English language as a subject. The researcher also wanted to find out what methods were used and whether instructional materials are used during the teaching /learning of English. In achieving the above, the researcher had the following objectives: 1. To identify the causes of poor performance in English language with regard to pupils, teachers, administrators and parents. 2. To investigate the impact of the environment on pupils' performance in English language. 3. To suggest solutions to the causes of poor performance in English as a subject. The researcher also formulated research questions so as to ease the achievement of the set objectives and these questions are reflected in the review of related literature chapter 2 of this book. More so, a sample of 42 respondents was interviewed of whom two were head teachers, 18 pupils, 6 heads of departments and 12 were teachers of English. The researcher's study yielded the following results: • The schools had both qualified and licensed teachers. • Most teachers stick to traditional methods of teaching English. • Most teachers of English do not use learning/instructional materials during their lessons. • Some lessons of English are conducted in English. • Teachers do not encourage pupils to speak English al school and hardly do the teachers themselves speak it. • Some teachers teach the subject without lesson plans. • The time table is not followed hence pupils end up robbed of their time for break and play. • Some teachers do not reward learners for good answers given. Vlll • The administrators provide the necessary materials to teachers but research proved that the head teachers do not supervise teachers' work. • Children are not given lime for revision at home. The researcher came up with the following recommendations: • The government should train more teachers and put particular emphasis to teachers of English. • Teachers need to adopt child-centered methods and use instructional materials during the lesson. • Teachers should always plan their work ahead of time. • Head teachers should supervise and monitor teachers' work. • English should be used when teaching English language. • Teachers should spear head the use of English at school so as to give pupils a better example. • Sensitization meetings should be convened by head teachers to educate the parents, • The government should provide instructional materials to schools.
A research report submitted to the institute of distance and continuing studies in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the ward Diploma in primary education, Kampala International University.
Poor performance, English language