Examination malpractices and preparation of students in districts schools Chuka District Kenya

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Kampala International University, College Of Open and Distance Learning
Public examinations are an important feature of educational systems in many countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. Their importance derives largely from the fact that examination performance forms the basis of important decisions about the educational and vocational futures of students. In performing their discriminatory function, examinations have acquired a legitimacy based on the view that the qualifications they confer provide a fair indication of achievement and that the distribution of benefits on the basis of such qualifications rewards merit.Recent research statistics has shown that cases of examination maipractices in Kenya are expanding rapidly to the distraction of the society. Kenyans cannot afford to complacent about it, thus their arise an immediate need to conduct an investigation on the issue of rampant examination malpractice especially among the students hence to establishing the impact in secondary schools. The study adopted a Descriptive research design. This enhanced the researcher to obtain a better understanding of the causes, problems and impact of examination maipractices in secondary schools in Chuka district. The method chosen allowed a collection of comprehensive and intensive data and provided an in-depth understanding of the topic under study.This report provides suggestions for more effective practice in the field of examinations and Prevention measures based on the lessons learned from practical experience of others. It is designed for policy makers, planners and stakeholders who have responsibilities in the area of education.
A research project submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for award of the degree of Bachelor of Education of the Kampala International University
Examination malpractices, Students, Districts, Schools, Chuka District, Kenya