Block mechanism and pupil’s academic performance in schools: case study of Kitumui primary/secondary school

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
This paper gives the results of a survey and evaluation of the Free Primary Education (FPE) program in Kenya. The FPE program started in January 2003 when a new government came to power after a general election. This was a fulfillment of one of the government's election promises. The FPE program is implemented by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MO EST) through Direct Support System. This is a system whereby the government, through the ministry gives direct financial support to primary schools through a block grant. The grant is based on pupil numbers (enrollment). Each pupil is allocated the same amount of funds per year. The allocation per pupil is then supposed to be spent on various learning materials based on guidelines spelt out by the ministry. The survey findings indicate that in overall, the FPE program has been well received, and has generally met the overall objective of increasing pupil enrollment rates. However, its implementation has run into various challenges over the last three years. These challenges include: shortage of teachers and classrooms inadequacy of the funds general lack of management skills by the head teachers to administer the program effectively a general decrease in education standards due to a combination of the above and other factors, especially shortage of teachers. In addition, economic conditions, and especially poverty, are working against the program. This is because poor parents can still not afford to send their children to school due to the lack of other resources such as food and uniforms.
A Research Report Submitted to the Institute of Open and Distance Learning in Partial Fulfillment of the Award of Diploma of Education of Kampala International University
Block mechanism, Pupil’s academic performance, Schools, Kitumui primary/secondary school