Worm threats (past, present and future):

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Kampala International University, School of Computing and Information Technology
The purpose of this report was to analyze computer worms, their past, present and future, threats posed and recommend suitable solutions to mitigate and eradicate these worm threats. This study was carried out on kengrow industries. Major focus of this report is on computer worms that exploit computer networks. Computer worms are a type of malicious self-replicating software or programs that are designed to infect multiple remote computers in an attempt to harm and cause grave damage to these computers. They spread from one host to another over the network by exploiting software vulnerability in the new host being attacked. Examples of these worms include the Morris worm, Code red, blaster worm and many others, activities of worms, ways of worm infection, Loop holes in the internet that bring about worm infections that’s to say careless security measures put in place, not patching up the computer system regularly etcetera, Consequences and effects of worms, Solutions to the worm problem and how these worm threats can be mitigated to save individuals and companies lots of billions worth of damages. More so in feature if these worms are not put under close scrutiny they will be so complex, very fast to spread and very hard to detect and eradicate. After putting all the above into consideration it’s recommended that companies always have very good computers with high speeds, high quality microprocessors and highly skilled technical staff to work on these computers in case of any problem.
A project report submitted to the School of computer studies in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Diploma in computer science Of Kampala International University
Worm threats, Kengrow Industries Ltd Uganda, Jinja road