The contribution of non- governmental organizations towards humanitarian assistance of refugees the case of inter aid Uganda

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social science
n Chapter one, this book deals with the background of the study which explains the trend of refugees in the world. The statement of the problem concerns the difficulties faced by the refugees in accessing humanitarian assistance. Objectives of the study provide the contents of the research like responsibility of NGOs, service providers of humanitarian assistance and development of NOOs. The scope of the study focuses on the extent to which NGOs contribute to humanitarian assistance on refugees in Uganda. Chapter two of this book concerns with the literature review with the sub themes on humanitarian responsibilities of NGOs to refugees in Uganda, service providers of humanitarian assistance to refugees in Uganda, NGOs development in Uganda. The literature in this chapter depended on the research and writings of other scholars in various fields. Chapter three gives the systematic methods which the study followed in undertaking the research. Many aspects such as research design, information about the area of study, study population, sample and sampling procedures, types of data and how it was collected, research tools and data analysis, methods have been discussed Chapter four is the research findings. It based on a study carried out to analyze the contributions on non- government organizations in their work of providing humanitarian assistance to refugees in Uganda. Chapter five has comprised of the conclusions and recommendations. These were derived from the findings in chapter four of this book. V
A research report submitted to the faculty of social sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirement for award of Public administration of Kampala International University
Non- governmental organizations, Humanitarian assistance, Refugees, Inter aid Uganda