Job evaluation and its effects on organizational performance:

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Aribaribo, Nasser
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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The main aim of the study / research was to investigate the effects of job evaluation to the performance of an organization. During the practical field wo/1111 in First Merchant International Trading Company within Kampala District, the research was conducted freely and successful. The research found out on close analysis that there are quite many effects of job evaluation to the performance of the organization which are both positive and negative to the organisational success. The study was designed to investigate the effects deep in the organisations. The study considered administrators, (top level managers), supervisors (middle level managers) and casual labourers. The research questions were used to investigate the objectives of the study. The study highlighted various effects of job evaluation in respect of performance of the organisation. The main instruments of data collection were: interviews, questionnaires, observation and Focus Group Discussions. The information collected was edited, coded and tabulated manually before feeding into the computer. The findings revealed that the1·e is little involvement of First Merchant International Trading Company in evaluating its job despite of the need. The study further revealed that most of the workers are not informed about job evaluation and not sensitized about it by the people concerned. For example the human resource manager.
A research report submitted to the faculty of business and management in partial fulfillment of the award of a Degree of bachelors of Human resource management of Kampala International University
Job evaluation, Organizational performance, Merchant international trading company