Demonstration as teaching tool on student’s performance a case study of Mengo SS Kampala District

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Kampala International University ,College of Education
The purpose of the study was to examine demonstration as a teaching method on student’s performance in Mengo Secondary School. The study was guided by the following objectives namely; to analyze the different demonstration tools applied during teaching and learning in secondary schools, to examine the importance of demonstration tools in teaching and to propose best ways how the demonstration tools can be improved. The study used a descriptive research design because it provides a framework for interpreting the variables of the study. The study was focused on a total of 100 respondents’ women in Kitemu, Namagorna and Nabbingo parishes in Nsangi Sub County specifically. The study also concluded that demonstration tools help to tools Improve relationships between teachers and students as well as Develop scientific understanding of concepts , Motivates students to learn and retain knowledge, Used to conduct experiment in science laboratories, other 13% of the respondents Enhance learning by doing, S Dark students enthusiasm and interests, provide opportunity to engage in self-directed learning. The researcher recommends that demonstration method of teaching should be highly emphasized while teaching in secondary schools especially in practical subjects as is associated with many advantages in relation to students learning and retention rate. Secondary schools should allocate learners subject combinations depending or interest and ability to avoid lack of interest of students. Appropriate time should be allocated to practical subjects on the time tables to provide students enough time to interact with demonstration tools to deepen understanding. Experienced teachers should be employed that is; to say better qualification and reasonable experience to enable proper guidance of students when using demonstration method of teaching and Schools should provide adequate physical laboratories which are well equipped to enable proper use of demonstration method of teaching.
A research report submitted to college of education and distance learning in partial fulfillment for the requirement of an award of a bachelor of arts with education degree of Kampala International University
Teaching tool, Student’s performance