Factors Contributing to Relapses Among Schizophrenic Patients attending Mental Health Services At Kampala international university Teaching Hospital.

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Kampala International University, School of Health Sciences.
There has been an increase in numbers of patients readmitted with relapse in schizophrenic disorders than new admissions and approximately half of those readmitted allegedly have relapsed S/Z. At K.I.U-TH the outpatient department, Annual report of 2017 revealed that a total of 420 patients admitted, (43%) 180 were readmissions of S/Z. Where by relapses can be expected in 70% of patients after the first episode. The study was to assess factors contributing to relapses among Schizophrenic patients attending mental health services, (M.H.S) at K.I.U-TH. Through their socio-demographic factors, patient related factors and treatment related factors contributing to relapses. The study employed facility based prospective quantitative purposeful studies which were convenient, reliable and complete. Information was obtained. The study found out that Majority (62.5%) of the respondents were not married, (75%) of the respondents were taking at least some psychoactive substance drugs, more than three quarter (87.5%) of the respondents thought taking medicine every day was a real inconvenience to them and more than three quarter (80%) of the respondents agreed that sometimes they felt like stopping taking medication when their conditions were under control The health workers should have continuous training for capacity to deliver high-quality care as multiple disciplines are to.be coordinated by including active participation of patients and relatives in treatment compliance.
A Research Report submitted To Uganda Nurses And midwives Examination Board in Partial fulfillment Of the Requirements for The Award of The Diploma in Nursing Science.
Schizophrenic Patients, Mental Health Services, Patients attending Mental Health Services