The causes of secondary school dropout in Moyale District, Kenya.

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Kampala International University.College of Education
Although there is high enrolment in schools due to F.P.E and F.S.E however, E.F.A remains an uphill task due to school dropout and the challenges of transition from primary to secondary school dropout is as a result of reproductive health related, poverty related, family related, school related and societal courses. Using data from 20 respondents selected from Moya le boys and Moya le girls' secondary schools; five teachers and five students from each school. This repo11 explores the factors causing the secondary school dropout in Moyale district through questionnaires. The result of the findings suggests that, school dropout is caused by multifarious factors which includes poverty, corporal punishment, drug and substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, peer pressure, early/forced marriage, child labour, war and polygamy among other causes. The guidance and counseling department should guide learners on reproductive health especially on human sexuality and the effects of HIV/AIDS. There should be effective drought management, restocking of livestock diversifying the sources of income to reduce poverty. The children 's officer in the district must make sure that the right of the child 1s protected.
Research report submitted to the Institute of Open and Distance Learning in partial fulfillment for the requirements of the a ward of bachelors degree in Education (Science) of Kampala International University
Secondary school, Dropout, Moyale District, Kenya