Vehicle management system for bus operators of Luwinzo Bus Service Company

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Kampala International University, College of Computing and Information Technology
This report is about Vehicle Management System for Luwinzo Bus Service Company located in Kenya. The company’s work was dominantly handled using a paper based system to keep records for different transactions made each day whereby all the jobs of the bus routes management were done manually. This is very difficult to the operators who want to handle hundreds of trips and many buses in a day. This study aimed at computerizing the paper based system and automate administration of bus management of Luwinzo Bus Services. The ma1n goal of this project is to create a Vehicle Management System for Bus Operators which can eliminate most of the problems experienced with the current system. The researcher implemented various methods of data collection such as interviews, questionnaires and observations. MS Access was used to develop a back end database application while the frontend interface was developed with JAVA to come up with a system that solved the current problem. Implementation of the system was highly considered when the system was being developed. I recommend the new system to be implemented so that bus management becomes hassle free in terms keeping track of the trips they make per day, keep records about the vehicles (buses) they have, providing easy retrieval of bus, passengers and operators’ information in the shortest time possible. All the information about buses and the employees is securely kept.
A Project report submitted to the College Of Applied Sciences And Technology in partial fulfillment for the requirements for the award of the Degree Of Bachelor Of Computer Science Of Kampala International University
Vehicle management system, Bus operators, Luwinzo Bus Service Company