Resources and implementation of nine years basic education in Gisagara District, Rwanda

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Kampala International University , College of Education, Open & Distance Learning
The research was about “Resources and Implementation of Nine Years Basic Education in Gisagara district, Rwanda.The purpose was to test the hypothesis of no significant relationship between the level of resources and that of implementation, to validate the transformational leadership theory of Burns and to generate knowledge. The four objectives were to identify the profile of respondents, to identify the level of resources to establish the level of implementation of 9YBE and finally to establish the relationship between those two levels. The study used a descriptive survey with a correlational design. There were 165 respondents in total including 151 teachers and 14 head teachers. Data were collected by means of questionnaire and analyzed using Excel and SPSS programmes. Findings indicated that the majority of teachers were males, and teachers aged between twenty and twenty-nine years, with upper secondary A2 level, between one and five years of teaching experience were more than others. Resources were not available and the level of implementation was low. There was a significant relationship between the level of resources and the level of implementation. The null hypothesis was rejected. Recommendations were that there should be the increment of teachers’ salary and the training of more qualified teachers. MINEDUC should also concentrate efforts on constructing and equipping laboratories and libraries and using the fund rising to find power energy and water in 9YBE schools. Teachers should improvise teaching/learning materials. The local government should install light supply using solar energy at the level of village to help rural students during their evening self-studies and more sensitize parents to contribute to the education of their children.
A Thesis Presented to the College of Higher Degrees and Research Kampala International University Kampala, Uganda in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree Masters of Educational Management and Administration
Resources, Implementation of nine years basic education