Investigation of The Influence of Social Emotional Behaviour on the Learning of Mathematics for Learners with Intellectual Disabilities in Inclusive Schools in Kajara County in Ntungamo District

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Kampala International University, School of Education
This study was conducted to investigate the influence of social emotional behaviors on the learning of mathematics for learners with intellectual disabilities in inclusive schools in Kajara county. The main purpose was to investigate socio emotional behaviors in the learning of learners with intellectual disabilities in inclusive schools in selected areas of Kajara county in Ntungamo district. Socio emotional behaviors refers to a disability characterized by behavior responses in school programs so different from appropriate age, culture or ethnic norms that may adversely affect educational performance, including academic, social, vocational or personal skills. (Forness & Knitzer, 1992). The study was conducted using qualitative research design, data was collected during the month of April 2017, using questionnaires, interviews and observation guides from 28 respondents who included four head teachers. Four teachers and twenty (20) learners. The respondents were obtained using purposive sampling where one teacher who was deemed to have a diploma or a degree in Special Needs from each school was selected. And in schools where teachers could not meet above cited qualification, random sampling was applied. And for the learners, random sampling was also employed. Four schools were used as the representation of all the schools in the Town Council. Then data was analyzed using tables, themes and codes, the findings were summarized and presented in tables with brief descriptions made on each. The study established that learners with Social Emotional Behavior display different behaviors which include, aggression, fight, temper, tantrum, steal to mention but a few. Furthermore, the study found that the effects of SEB on the learning of Mathematics of children with intellectual disabilities include: poor performance, low erythematic problems interpretation of the learners, disruptions during the lessons and negative attitudes exhibited to the learners with SEB. In addition to that the study also established different ways how to deal with SEB among the children with intellectual disabilities which included training of more special needs teachers, using better methods of teachin o, show love to learners, provision of guidance and counselling. The study recommends that: Learners with SEB ought to be identified in every class (school) and home by teachers, parents, care givers and psycho educationists respectively. An early intervention is also an ideal, Teachers should work tool and nail in guarding against any challenging behavior a learner is bound to encounter by involving the use of a continuum of teaching approaches In a nutshell behavior modification where different rein forcers are used should be applied and in deemed to be the best way to success.
A Research Report Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for The Award of Bachelor of Science With Education of Kampala International University
Influence of Social Emotional Behaviour, The Learning of Mathematics, Disabilities