Determinants of academic performance in selected primary schools of Olmoran division in Laikipia west district in rift valley province in Kenya

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Kampala International University, College Of Open and Distance Learning
The study investigated determinants of academic performance in selected primary schools in Olmoran division of Laikipia west district in Kenya. The intention of the study was to minimize negative determinants of academic performance while enhancing the positive ones which lead to improved academic performance in Olmora division of Laikipia west district. The study highlighted the importance of qualitative education for all and the attempts which have been made by the Kenyan Government to ensure universal Basic Education (UBE). The study has given the academic performance position of selected schools in Olmoran division of Laikipia west district. The division has not been performing well in the Kenya certificate of primary school (KCPE) for the past 5 years. The study investigated four independent variables which the researcher felt were major contributor to academic performance. They included social economic status, staffing, home and school environment. It was upon these determinants that study objectives were set and questions formulated. Several literature related to this study were reviewed and citation made, Self-formulated questionnaire was used to collect the data. There were three categories of questionnaire. Category one for the pupil, two for the teacher and three for the parents. The questionnaires were self-administered. The study was a survey research of descriptive design. The ex-post facto type was used. The target population was 5,100. Out of this a sample of 440 was use. Out of of 16 schools found in Olmoran division of Laikipia west district, 8 were selected on the basis of their performance. Data were analyzed using the Pearson 2 tailed significance of correlation and presented on correlation tables following the four independent variable identified earlier. The study revealed that there is high relationship between staff establishment with Teachers qualification at r=0.720, Teachers highest academic level at r=0.479, number of pupils per class at r=0.382, Gender at r=0.093 and Teachers experience at r=0.021. Factors considered under social economic status showed a high relationship with academic performance. With occupation at r=0.828, lighting system at home at r=0.424, type of house lived at r~0.382 while income of the parent at r=0.289 Factors investigated under home environment revealed a positive relationship between home environment and academic performance (checking pupils work r=0,828, Education level of parent r=0.627 and marital status r=0.483) Variables on school environment showed a positive relationship with academic performance. Parent, teachers, pupils and administration relationship at r=0.763 while infrastructure at r=0.710 The study recommended the need to address the four identified determinants of academic performance as they have a great impact on academic achievement of pupils in Olmoran division of Lakiapia west district. The government and its development partners should initiate stimulus development projects in Olmoran division and that the ministry of education should employ more qualified teachers as they play a greater part in academic performance of pupils.
A Thesis Presented to the School of Postgraduate Studies and Research Kampala International University Kampala, Uganda in partial fulfillment of the requirement for Degree master of education in educational Management, planning and Administration
Academic performance, Primary schools, Olmoran division, Laikipia west district, Rift valley province, Kenya