Corporate social responsibility and organizational performance in Uganda. a case study of total Kampala limited:

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The research established the relationship between Corporate social Responsibility and Organizational performance in Total Kampala Limited. The study was guided by the following objectives: ~)To determine the level of Corporate social Responsibility in Total Kampala Limited; 2) to determine the level of Organizational performance in Total Kampala Limited and 3) to establish whether there is a significant relationship between Corporate social Responsibility and Organizational performance in Total Kampala Limited. This study used descriptive correlational design that was in conjunction with quantitative approach. This design was used because the topic of study required extensive analysis and also needed to highlight the relationships that existed between different phenomena. The study used a target population of 115 out of which a sample size of 89 respondents respectively was got using Slovene’s formula. Questionnaires were used for reaching respondents who were randomly selected to be part of the study and the data collected was organized and analyzed to generate information which came from the research. The study ni~dc the following findings from in terms of gender had males with 56.2%. The age of respondents, those between the age-brackets of 31-35 years were respondents with 44.6%, On the education level, it was manifested as follows: Degree were the majority with 45% Respondents’ marital status, those who were married with 45%, The average mean score of all the scores in the level of Organizational performance was 2.66 interpreted as satisfactory meaning that it was moderate. The study recommends that Total Kampala liniitcd sees Corporate Social Responsibility as an obligation to its host community, this supports that oil companies should carry out corporate social responsibility projects and not only should they practice Corporate Social Responsibility, they should carry it out adequately and appropriately in order to ensure sustainability, profitability and a high increase in productivity, thus, they will definitely experience the benefits that are inherent in the planning and implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility, Effective monitoring and evaluation by all stakeholders of Total Kampala Limited reduces the incidence of the company treating Corporate Social Responsibility with levity, community leaders! representatives! heads, opinion leaders and shareholders Total Uganda should consider in investing much in ethical activities then philanthropic as this will lead to improve in performance CSR environment has got insignificant impact on organization performance the researcher also recommends that further research should be done to concentrate on how corporate social responsibility can affect employee performance
a research report submitted to the college of applied economics and management in partial fulfillment for the award of bachelors degree in international business administration of Kampala international university.
Corporate social responsibility, organizational performance