The effect of training on employee’s performance in an organization case sturdy of (Cane Uganda Ltd)

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The study was an investigation on the influence of training on the employee's performance where the specific objectives of the sturdy were to determine the effect of training to the performance of employees in cane Uganda ltd, determine the reasons for training the employees at cane Uganda Itel, determine the problems faced by cane Uganda ltd in training its employees The study employed cross sectional research and it used both qualitative and quantitative methods of research. Cross sectional studies provided a "snapshot" of the frequency and characteristics of an aspect in a population at a particular point in time. A cross-sectional study here was the simplest variety of descriptive or observational epidemiology that was conducted on representative samples of a population. Descriptive design was used in this study and one hundred fifty ( 150) respondents were drawn from cane Uganda Itel using purposive sampling. However. employees were selected at random method and those who were willing to participate took part in the study and were given questionnaires to fill them and interviewed to the administrators of cane Uganda ltd. The findings of the study found that training affects the performance of employees and the management should do what is needed to improve the training of its employees so that it can make their work more enjoyable. It is evident that training of employees was not only helpful to employees but also generated a strong relationship in relation to job performance and development of employees. Consequently. it promotes productivity of employees. Therefore. a number of recommendation given are to redress challenges faced in employee training and development including; the need to ensure motivational factors. conduct performance appraisal. develop policy guidelines for employees training at the company.
A Research report submitted to the collage of economics and management science in the partial fulfillment of the Bachelor's Degree in Human resource management of Kampala International University
Training, Employee’s performance, Cane Uganda