Curbing illegal sects, the law and policy in Kenya case study Kenya, sect in issue:

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Kampala International University, School of Law
The outlawed mungiki sect crept into our society with very noble goals, however few years later, the sect turned out to be the Kenyan worst night mare, so the purpose of this dissertation will be to look at how the said, group can be controlled and if possible be completely eradicated in our country. Thus this work have looked at how the group emerged and gained audience in our community, the ways they used to convince young men/youths to join it and the positive promises they promised this youths to lure them into joining it. Secondly, the paper looked at how the gang /sect generates its money, the means they use to get their finances, who funds them, and also the paper have discussed the said sect in relation to vigilantee groups that have emerged in Kenya in the recent past. Additionally, I have looked at the sects political agendas, whether they are political or not, the political suppmt or plat form that it enjoys and their political leaders who use them to further their own selfish political careers. Lastly, I have looked at the sects influence in the society, whether positive or negative and how the society has benefited/suffered from being in or opposing the joining of such a group. Additionally, I have according to the discussion above offered recommendations and some solutions that can be used as stepping stones to curb this illegal sect in Kenya. Conclusively, at the end of the day it's upon the Govemment, community and.all the relevant bodies to take such measures and make such that the said sect is eradicated in Kenya.
A research project submitted to the faculty of law in partial fulfillment for award Degree of bachelor Of laws (LLB) of Kampala International University
Criminal law, Law and policy, Curbing illegal sects, Mungiki Sect, Kenya.