Utilization pattern of obstetric ultrasonography among mothers in Kiryandongo Hospital

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Kampala International University, Faculty of Clinical Medicine and Dentistry
Background The use of obstetric ultrasonography has improved the care of pregnant mothers markedly in the High income countries reducing their maternal mortality rates. However in Low and middle income countries the mortality rate is still high probably due to reduced utilization of modalities such as ultrasound. This study aimed at assessing the utilization pattern of obstetric ultrasonography among mothers in Kiryandongo hospital. Method A descriptive cross-sectional study with both qualitative and quantitative approach was taking to meet the specific objectives of the study. Self-administered questionnaires were given to the consented participants to answer with a degree of assistance given. The data was analysed using Microsoft Excel 2010. Results 78% of the participants had knowledge about obstetric ultrasound and 69% of them that know did obstetric ultrasonography. Most of the participants did ultrasound to confirm the sex of their unborn babies. 20% of participants think ultrasonography is not safe for the baby, 13% agree that ultrasound is safe. 26% of the participants thought ultrasound causes cancer. Obstetric ultrasound is readily available 24/7 at 15,000 Uganda shillings per scan. 82% of mothers that attended labour in Kiryandongo Hospital had no ultrasound scan results. Conclusion There is a lower level of knowledge in the rural Kiryandongo hospital compared to the more urban areas. There is also a misconception that ultrasonography causes cancer which needs to be dealt with. The availability of the ultrasound services is good but the accessibility is needing due to the fees attached to it.
A dissertation submitted to the faculty of medicine and dentistry of Kampala International University western campus in partial fulfillment for the award of A Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery
Obstetric ultrasonography, Mothers, Kiryandongo Hospital, Uganda