Effects of teaching methods on academic performance in primary schools: a case study of Ruggaga Sub-County Isingiro District Uganda

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Kampala International University; College of Education Open and Distance Learning
The major purpose of the study was to investigate the impact of a high pupil teacher ratio on the academic achievement of learners in primary schools in Ruggaga Sub-County Isingiro District. The specific objectives of the study were to investigate the impact of large class size on the academic achievement of pupils in Ruggaga Sub-County Isingiro District; investigate the impact of lack of learning materials on the academic achievement of learners; and to investigate the impact of much overload for teachers on the academic achievement of learners. The study used the questionnaire to teachers to give their views on the topic of the study. The findings of the study discovered that large classes constrain teaching and learning and therefore, contribute to low student achievement; large classes limit regular and in-depth discussions with students, timely and frequent feedback to students and active problem solving all which are key to facilitating meaningful learning; and children in small classes are more likely to interact with their teachers. It was recommended that the educational policy makers should formulate policies that will ensure that the number of students in a class should not exceed 30 pupils. This in tum make the government to provide enough classrooms for the schools.
A dissertation submitted to the Institute of Open and Distance Learning in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of a Diploma in Primary Education of Kampala International University.
Teaching methods, Academic performance, Primary schools, Isingiro District, Uganda