Effects of Free Primary Education on Education Enrolment in ECD Centers In Dagoretti Division Nairobi

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree in early childhood and primary education
The introduction of Free Primary Education (FPE) by the NARC government in 2003 heralded a new front in the national education system. Many children who had attained school going age who had been denied entry access to education due to poverty got a new window of hope whatever their age. Many thus took up the opportunity to attend school without necessary going through ECD centers. What mattered was whether one had attained the required age and not whether one had passed tests in the ECD centers. This study sought to establish the effect of FPE on education enrollment in ECD centers in Nairobi. The study was based on a case study of Riruta Zone in Dagoretti Division. Purposive and probability sampling criteria were used in determining the sample of the study. The various strata of the study were purposively selected to ensure that all stakeholders in ECD education are represented. However, individual elements across all the strata were randomly selected. The groups targeted during the study comprised of staff members working in ECD centers, class one teachers, officers in ministry of education and the Nairobi City Council. The total sample consisted of 56 respondents. The study used both primary and secondary data from the sample population. After collecting all the needed data, it was edited to identify inconsistencies and establish uniformity. The data was then coded to facilitate entry of the responses into the computer. This was then analyzed using computer applications like Ms Excel, after which the data was presented in form of tables and charts as well as narrative for ease of interpretation. The study noted that there was decline in ECD enrollment after the 2003 offer for free primary education. It also notes that children who had passed through ECD were of better academic quality than direct standard one entrant. It further notes the absence of a government policy on ECD, there highlighting its need and also the need for introduction of free ECDE across the country. The need for involvement of all stakeholders in the development and implementation of an ECDE policy is discussed, besides other suitable areas that need further research.
A Research Report Submitted To The Institute Of Open And Distance Learning In Partial Fulfillment For The Requirements Of The A Ward Of Bachelor Of Education In Early Childhood And Primary Education And Education Of Kampala International University
Free Primary Education, Education Enrollment, Dagoretti Division Nairobi