The Role of the Radio in the Fight against Child Abuse: A Case Study of Makindye West

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Kampala International University, bachelor's degree of mass communication
The study is about the role of a radio in the fight against child abuse in Makindye West Kampala District. It was based on both parents and children within Makindye West. The study assess the trends of child abuse in Makindye West, finds out the various forms of child abuse in Makindye West, examines how children are affected by those forms of child abuse; investigates the major causes of child abuse, finds out the roles of the radio in the fight against child abuse and comes up with recommendations on how the radio can be effectively used in the fight against child abuse in Makindye West. The methods used by the researcher were the interview guide questions, observation and recording methods. The researcher identified that both parents and children in Makindye West had gained a lot In radio programs and this had greatly improved their lives. However, the researcher observed that those who do not own radios have+ not gained in the role of the radio and so recommends that sensitization to attract them should be made so that they acquire radios in their homes.
A Dissertation Submitted As Partial Fulfillment for the Award of the Degree of Bachelor of Mass Communication Kampala International University
Radio, Fight against Child Abuse, Makindye West