The effect of television on growing youths’ behaviors both in lower and higher selected institutions of Embu district, Kenya

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Kampala International University, College of Education,Open and distance Learning
The research generally looks at the effects of Television on growing youth behavior both in lower and higher selected institution of learning Embu District Kenya. The major concern in this case is effects of; violence, pornography, alcoholism and drugs, sexual immorality and rape. The study was interested in finding out whether; these issues have any connection with the TV, solutions and whether it is useful or otherwise. The survey was conducted due to, the increase in violence, alcoholism and obscenity in the media portrayals. These causes fear and anxiety in the society especially at Manyatta Embu where the survey was done. The media to an extent was blamed for the loss of morals in the society today and it has been observed that, as more and more teenagers/youth watch television programs with these elements they gradually adopt them. The different tools were administered, to the respondents individually, to ensure the originality of the information without any form of discussion. That is, questionnaires started then interview on selected items of emphasis followed as well as the researcher recorded the observed reaction ofthe samples. In addition, research unveiled that, largely TV can cause the above major issues of concern, though it came out clearly that, on matters of violence it can aggravate such an elements, which may be already in an individual. On the other areas such as; pornography, alcoholism, sexual immorality and rape TV can lead youth and teens to the trap, due to the various programs, which are believed to have high contents of the same. Violence is widely mentioned in many circumstances, leading to a conclusion it is the backbone of many acts of unruly, that youth are involved in. More still, it is not only television to blame for bad behavior with the youth /teens but also parents and guardians, can also be held responsible as study learnt that most of them have lost control over their children thus turning to a saying, ‘the generation of this days is cursed’. Therefore, they have a role to play in advising youth /teens, on television exposure and ensuring that they are not misled by portrayals Parents therefore, are called to counsel, guide and educate the youth on the best programs. Again, they are charged to be firm on directing and be vigilant on their youth’s TV life style since it was noted most of them have lost mandate over them.
A research dissertation submitted to the faculty of education in partial fulfillments for the award of Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood and Primary Education of Kampala International University
Television, Youth, Lower and higher institutions of Learning, Kenya