An investigation on the effects of low vision on the academic performance of primary school children in Mazeras zone, Kasemeni division, Kinango district, Kenya.

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
This research was on an investigation on the effects of low vision on the academic performance of regular primary school children of Mazeras zone, Kasemeni Division, Kinango District, promptly the investigation to find a solution to help improve performance. To conduct the study the researcher used a survey method of research design targeting all the regular primary schools but managed 12 schools and 48 teachers from the twelve schools of Mazeras zone; Mpirani, Mazeras, Bonje, Fulugani, Mgandini, Kafuduni, Mariakani, Gwasheni, Mwanda, Mwamdudu, Mwache and Miyani primary schools. The researcher used questioners for data collection having selected respondents through random picking using a lottery system which did not favor any teacher (two from lower and two from upper primary classes). Some of the key findings were that most learners were not competent in reading skills mathematics and comprehension. There was an alarming shortage of teaching and learning resources in most schools. Some key conclusions were that most schools had inadequate teaching and learning resources, inadequate teaching personnel and lack of medical attention or learners with poor sight. These problems had serious implications on learners learning and development for example with shortage of teachers those teaching were overworked. While lack of resources meant most teaching was theoretically, this implies they couldn't explain abstract concepts. Among the recommendations were that provision of teaching and learning resources should be done, while at least in every school there should be a special need trained teacher. This will promote inclusive education in schools.
A Research Report Submitted In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Award Of The Degree Of Bachelor Of Education In Special Needs At Kampala International University
Low vision, Academic performance, Primary school children, Mazeras zone, Kasemeni division, Kinango district, Kenya.