Motivation and academic performance of intellectually challenge in learners in selected schools Nguu division Nzaiji district, Kenya

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Kampala international international: College of Education, open and distance learning
The study is about effects of motivation on academic performance of intellectually challenged learners in the regular primary schools. The study was hampered by limited time. It was extremely difficult to attend to more than one appointment scheduled. The selected schools were at a great distance in the vast division and transport to and from the selected schools was another limiting factor. Costs for production of the questionnaires and the printing of the final draft were another limitation in the study. Reference materials for the study were unavailable as there were no libraries in the locality. However, the researcher was helped to carry out the study by other factors which included; familiarity with the teachers in the special needs education programmes in the divisions and knowledge of short cut routes to the various selected schools. The objectives of the study are to explore the teachers’ views on the causes of intellectual challenge to investigate the effects of intellectual challenge on learning of the intellectual challenged learners to identify different intervention measures for the intellectually challenged learners. The researcher used the quantitative approach of collecting data. The researcher designed a questionnaire as a tool for collecting the data. The researcher concluded that the teachers’ assistance to the mentally challenged learners is of great importance for them to realize their learning expectations. The mentally retarded learners are also adversely affected by negative societal attitudes towards them. The researcher recommends the government to sustain the school feeding programme to cater for learners needs especially those from poverty stricken areas. The mentally retarded learners should be given extra time to accomplish their analyzed tasks. Therefore the curriculum for the mentally retarded learners should be tailored / differentiated in order to meet their educational needs.
A research report submitted to iodl in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of bachelors of education in special needs education of Kampala international university
Education, Motivation, Academic performance, Intellectually challenge, Learners, Nzaiji district