Effects of competition on organizational performance: case study of Fresh Diary Farm South Sudan (FDFSS)

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The study was undertaken at Fresh Diary Farm, South Sudan with the purpose of evaluating the effect of competition on organizational performance. The specific objectives of the study were; to find out the effect of competition on the sales of Fresh Diary Farm, South Sudan, the effect of competition on the market share and the effect of competition on the profitability of the farm. The methods used to collect data were questionnaires and interviews from a cross section of the respondents. The population of the study was 200 and the researcher used a sample size 60 respondents. The findings revealed that there was a a significant relationship between competition and profitability, sales and market share of Fresh Diary Farm where by majority of the respondents strongly agreed that competition has got a negative effect on the sales which in turn reduces on the profits and market share of the farm. However through measures like production of quality goods at a cheaper cost, provision of good transport network and emphasis on the use of good market language can favorably do well in terms of increasing on the sales, profitability and market share in addition to motivating the employees for effective work. The study recommended that the farm should carryout Strategic Pricing which clarifies the relationship between market segmentation and price, and delivers the tools the company needs to stay focused on value as it determines break-even, defines price elasticity, and analyzes trade offs between features and price points. Using strategic pricing tools yields a better positioning approach of the company. The farm should also improve on the working conditions of its employees such that they are motivated to perform their duties effectively as well as marketing for the farm's products. This will help to improve on good customer relations hence increasing on the sales and in the end maximizing the profits.
A Research Proposal Submitted In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirement For The Award Of A Degree In Human Resource Management Submitted To Kampala International University
Organizational performance, Fresh Diary Farm South Sudan (FDFSS)