Challenges facing children with hearing impairment in primary schools in Abogeta West Division Imenti South District in Meru –Kenya

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
The learners who are hearing impaired have for years been stigmatized although their potentiality in performing duties does not differ from that of non-hearing impaired learners. In our learning institutions, both teachers and follow learners have always despised these learners. The teachers take little care or no care to these learners. What they have done so far is to stigmatize them. They have been labeled with all sorts of adjectives that are so discouraging and not motivating at all. They refer to them as slow learners, idiots, semi-deaf and many adjectives. Due to this, the researcher resorted to· researching on the problems facing the hearing impaired learners. If these problems are identified, then ways of solving them will be found. As concerns the methods used for the collection of information from the respondents, the researchers will use mainly questionnaires, however, observation will also be used. As a teacher and being with these learners and because he will take the questionnaire out, he could get more information through observation. This is more especially from the reaction of the respondent as they will ask questions for clarifications. The researcher will mainly deal with one group of respondents who are teachers. He specifically chose this group of respondents because they are the ones who handle the hearing impaired learners in school. To the researchers, this is the group of respondents that could give the most appropriate result of the problems facing these learners.
A research report submitted to institute of distance learning in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Bachelors in Education special needs degree at Kampala International University
Children with hearing impairment, Primary schools, Kenya