Materials management and institutional performance: a case study of Nakumatt oasis Supermarket. Kampala

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Kampala international international: College of Economics and Management
The topic of the study was materials management and institutional performance a case study of Nakumatt Oasis supermarket. Kampala. The study objectives were to determine the importance of Materials management, determine the factors which influence institutional performance and lo establish the relationship het11ecn Materials Management and institutional Performance. The target population comprised, members of' lu support staff procurement team. Stores department. Accountants. Auditors and managers from the supermarket. The study used a descriptive approach with co-relational design. Descriptive studies are non-experiential researches that describe the characteristics of a particular individual or of' a group the majority or the respondents were in the category of female with (70%) while on the other hand. men were (30%). The study found out that Nakumatt Supermarket uses more of women than men in their operations.
A research report submitted in partial fulfillment of the Requirements of the award of bachelor’s degree in Supplies and procurement management of Kampala international university
Procurement and Supply, Materials management, Institutional performance, Nakumatt oasis Supermarket, Kampala