The attitudes of teachers in regular primary schools towards the education for the physically handicapped: a case study of Kyangwithya Division of Kitui District Kenya

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Kampala International University.College of Education
The major purpose of the study was to investigate the attitudes of teachers towards the education of the physically handicapped children in Kyangwithya division. A quantitative research approach, using questionnaires was employed to collect the data for the study. Twenty primary school teachers and five schools were sampled for the study. Findings of the study show that the teachers, parents and children have several misconceptions and wrong beliefs about the nature and conditions of physical disabilities and about children with such problems. The implication of the study is that teachers should focus on raising their own awareness about physical disabilities through training in special needs education and other programmes.
Research report presented to the Institute of Open and Distance Learning in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the bachelor degree of Education in Primary Education Kampala International University
Teachers, Primary schools, Education, Physically handicapped