Factors contributing to boys poor performance in English subject within Baringo Kenya: a case study of Muchukwo Sub-Zone

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Kampala International University, College of Education Open and Distance Learning
This study is a description of a cross-sectional design aimed at determining the factors contributing to boys' poor performance in English language in Muchukwo sub-zone. The results of the study will be used as a green light to the learners and the teachers to assist them solve the problem of poor performance in their schools. The researcher came up with the decision of investigating the problem after analyzing the zonal results for the last three years, that is, since 2004. The researcher used random sampling technique to arrive at the area of the study since the problem covered the whole zone that comprised four sub-zones. The researcher made a visit to all the schools in the process of collecting information. Questionnaires, interviews as well as case study materials were used to gather information. It was from these that the problem was confirmed, that boy’s performance in English language [subjects] was poor compared to the girl’s performance. Stern steps therefore should be taken to curb this problem and to encourage the boy learner to be positive in• English subject, so as to open ways for the boy learner -men to join other sectors in employment- like teaching, nursing; etc instead of joining military only. It has happened that men have failed to join other sectors apart from military because of the poor performance in languages; while other sectors demand for C+ (Pluses) and above in languages.
A research report submitted to College of Education Open and Distance Learning in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of Degree of Bachelor of Education Arts of Kampala International University
Poor performance, English Subject