Factors hindering the educational performance of orphans in primary schools in kibera division of Nairobi province-Kenya

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Kampala International University, College of Education Open and Distance Learning
This study was carried out to find out the factors hindering the educational performance of orphans in primary schools. The study involved quite number of respondents from teachers, pupils from upper classes were, selected in a gender conscious manner, The instruments employed in this study were mainly questionnaires, and observations accompanied by interview guides. Data was analyzed by the use of statistical packages where by the responses were coded and edited, then presented in tables, pie-charts and graphs. The following were the major findings of the study; It was discovered that in an attempt to find out whether orphaned learners experienced social problems that could hinder their educational perfom1ance, the teachers were asked questions relating to the orphans' inter-personal relationships with other learners and with teachers. They were also asked to describe the orphaned learners' academic achievement and to suggest the reasons for the academic performances, and to describe their behaviors in the class and to mention how often they were punished and the main reasons for punishment. Finally the researcher asserted a conclusion basing on the study findings that, the Lack of trained teachers in the regular classes strongly indicates that the orphaned learners' educational performance is affected by the teachers' inadequacy in skill for addressing the orphaned learners' unfolding realities of being orphaned in relation to their educational performance
A research report submitted to the College of Education open and Distance Learning in partial fulfillment for the requirements of the award of Bachelors Degree in Education (Science) of Kampala International University
educational performance, orphans, primary schools, Kenya