Factors influencing students' performance in mathematics in secondary schools in Bureti District, Kenya

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Kampala International University.College Of Education
Students perceive mathematics as a difficult subject. This is reflected in the students' poor performance in both internal school examination and national examination. This study attempted to find the causative factors of the students' poor performance in mathematics in Bureti district, Kenya. The researcher used questionnaires, which were filled in by students, mathematics teachers and head teachers from the selected schools in the division. Both descriptive and statistical analyses were used. The data was organized into tables, bar graphs, pie charts and percentages. This study established that inadequate facilities and infrequent student supervision were leading to student's poor performance in mathematics in the division. Negative peer influence, lack of interest, laxity and general negligence of students towards learning mathematics also led to their poor performance in mathematics. Most popular methods used by teachers in teaching were teacher centered including lecture method. Question/Answer method and class exercise which denied learners the chance to have active and direct participation in the learning of mathematics. Teachers had negative attitudes towards student class performance and showed general discontent in teaching mathematics to weak students. The researcher recommended that a further and through diagnostic study and evaluation of the current status to be undertaken which would facilitate the identification of the difficulties and problems encountered in mathematics teaching and learning
Research report submitted to the institute of open and in partial requirements distance fulfillment for the learning of the award of bachelors' degree in primary education of Kampala International University
Students' performance, Mathematics, Secondary schools, Bureti District, Kenya