Kampala International University Representation of Children in Ankole Folk Tales

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Kampala International University. College of Education,open distance and e-learning.
Folk tales play an important role in knowledge transfer and personality development. Many of the children today are very immoral,uncouth in dress and speech and their behavior leaves less to be desired.Folklore elements like folktales, inventions and other stories which used to frighten disobedient children into mending their ways and encouraging the obedient ones to follow the straight and morals paths have been neglected. It is in line with the above conditions as regards the representation of children that this research sets forth to investigate the role that folktales used to play and is still playing in representation children in Ankole.
A Dissertation Submitted To The College Of Education, Open, Distance And E’ Learning For The Partial Fulfillment Of The Award Of Bachelor of Arts With Education Of Kampala International University
children, Folk tales, Ankole