Non-governmental organizations and implementation of human rights in Uganda

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Kampala International University.College of Economics and Management
The study titled" Nongovernmental organizations and implementation of human rights in Uganda. The purpose of the study was to establish the contributions ofNGOs in_ implementation of human rights in selected NGOs in Uganda. The study was conducted in three Non government organizations namely action for development (ACFODE), foundation for human rights initiative and citizens coalition for electoral democracy in Uganda (CEDU). The study was conducted from these organizations with the study population of 310 with the sample population of 175 respondents who were chosen from these organizations. The study employed a descriptive c01relation design involving the use of hoth qualitative and quantitative research designs. The research was a primary data research attained through the use of administered questionnaires. The study showed that the level of NGOs advocacy is poor with the responses showing th0 :. the mean. It was also established that advocacy of the NGOs in Uganda did not have a relationship with the implementation of human rights. It was also found that funding NGOs do not operate quit well. It was though established that there was a significant relationship between the NGOs and implementation of human rights humanitarian nongovernmental organizations on implementation of human rights. The results indicated by the prevalence of a significant relationship between the humanitarian NGOs and implementing human rights. The researcher concludes that Non government organizations operations are significantly operating though implementing human rights was not so effective. The focus for the business environment shows that human rights implementation through NGOs in Uganda is not so appropriate. The ;;tudy recommend for the need for the NGOs doing advocacy to fund human rights. There is need for NGOs to institute strict programs aimed at heightening the state of NGO, NGOs under the advocacy umbrella need to harness their grip to the masses while at the same. The study recommend that nongovenunental organizations need to establish more funding regarding the human rights, NGOs need to improve operational capacity by uplifting the needs of the financing and there is need for the NGOs under this category to heighten their funding, the humanitarian NGOs seem to be operating but not absolute, there is need for involvement of masses in standing against the vices of conuption of the NGOs needs to heighten regulations.
Research dissertation presented to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of degree of masters of Human Rights and Development of Kampala International University
Non-governmental, organizations, Implementation, Human rights