Effects Of Student Indiscipline On Trier Performance In Secondary Schools In Rukungiri Town Council Rukungiri District

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Kampala International University, School of Science in Education
This research was carried out to investigate on the effects of student indiscipline on their academic performance in the selected secondary schools in Rukungiri town council Rukungiri district. This was done through a critical investigation on the causes of student strikes in the selected school in Rukungiri and elsewhere. The study concluded by suggesting possible solutions to overcome student strikes in secondary schools as guided by the objectives in Chapter one. The major causes of student strikes largely depend on the blame of school administratoi~s and k,achers conduct toward student at school howevei it was also observed that othei strikes were caused by the indiscipline students who cause chaos at school and end up in the strikes, poor performance and school dropout as well as body injury were the most dreadful effects of student strikes among others as discussed in Chapter two of this paper. Chapter three expounded on the research methodology used to come up with the findings and chapter four consists of data analysis and presentation and finally Chapter five is displays the discussion of the study, summary, recommendations and conclusions of the study.
A Research Report Submitted to The Faculty of Education Open And Distance E- Learning In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Award Of A Bachelor Of Science In Education Of Kampala International University
Student Indiscipline, Performance