Effectiveness of Sub-County Local Administrators’ Performance Management on Service Delivery in Mbale District

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Kampala International University, Masters of Public Administration and Management
This study focused on performance management for effective service delivery in Mbalc district. It intended to establish how Mbale district sub-county Local administrator’s performance management is effective in service delivery by looking at employee competences, qualifications, motivation and satisfaction. The objectives of the study focused were on how performance management methodologies and feedback were used to ensure effective service delivery and also pondered into the challenges faced by Local administrators on performance management. The literature review obtained from textbooks, journals, Internet sources and documents revealed a study gap on Uganda civil servants performance management despite the 1995 government initiative on Result Oriented Management. The methodology of the research design was descriptive as it collected both qualitative and quantitative data. It also involved observing and describing behaviour of the research population. Data gathered from questionnaire survey, structured interviews and Focus Group Discussions was analysed by colleting responses under same research question, and use of spreadsheets. Data was presented in form of notes, graphs, tables and pie charts. Utilizing information obtained from interviews of sub-county Local administrators and Mbale district senior officers, different factors were analyzed on suitable sample data and certain conclusions were derived using proper statistical methods. The findings were that though a link between supervisor and supervisee existed, the latter’s performance ranking on the contrary was dominated by the Halo Effect and feedback didn’t enforce service delivery. Performance evaluations were taken to be an annual evaluation activity as opposed to daily monitoring or application of other appraisal methods. The study drew conclusions that an analysis of employee behaviour and appraisal feedback has a riiche on service delivery and subsequent realisation of sub-county local government objectives, goals and mission. It was recommended that employee supervisors should transcend the common appraisal form and consider other methods of performance management. It was also recommended that further studies be done on employee’s performance appraisal in relation to staff development and service delivery and also qualitative study on civil servants best practices on service delivery in Uganda.
A Thesis Submitted To The School Of Postgraduate Studies In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Award Of The Degree Of Masters In Public Administration Of Kampala International University
Effectiveness of Sub-County Local Administrators’ Performance Management, Mbale District