Challenges of teaching the hearing impaired learners in an inclusive setting in Kiazabe Divisionr Kangundo District-Kenya.

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
The study was carried out at Kiazabe division in inclusive setting to find out the challenges of teaching hearing impaired learners. The problems found to be responsible were lack of knowledge in handling the Hearing Impaired; they were looked at as less being, lack of effective teaching, poor teaching methods, and lack of specialized personnel, poor intervention measures and lack of educational assessment resource centres. The researcher used survey research design. The data was collected using questionnaire to obtain information. The review from the written materials and the discussions with the respondents. The quantitative methods were used to analyze data. The most dominant information were teachers, learners, headteachers and the community members and the educational officers. The researcher established among others that challenges the hearing impaired learners in an inclusive setting were teaching methods. There was a close relationship between teaching methods and educational services of learners with hearing impairment. Despite the majority of them pointed out that they face problems in teaching some of the subjects. The stake holders should see to it that the community is sensitized about causes, services available and the intervention measures for hearing impaired learners. This can be done through mass media, chiefs Baraza lobby groups and other possible means.
A research report submitted to the institute of open and distance learning in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of Bachelor’s degree in special needs education of Kampala International University.
Teaching, Hearing impaired learners, Inclusive setting, Kangundo District-Kenya.