Human-wildlife conflict and its management: a case study of the communities around Yankarigame Reserve, Bauchi State, Nigeria

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Kampala International University
The study was carried out to examine the nature of Human-Wildlife conflict management around Yankari Game Reserve Alkaleri, Bauchi State, Nigeria. The study employed the Descriptive design and export facto design as a means of data collection. The study also employed the use of descriptive statistics such as frequency and percentage distribution, pie chart, histogram and chi-square test of independence as tools of data analysis. The sample size of the study was 133 from the target population of 200 respondents from the study area. The data was collected through close-ended questionnaires and open-ended questionnaires. The social demographic characteristics of the study showed that Male were dominant percentage with (82%). The study also shown that Tantalus Monkey is the most problematic animal in communities bordering the reserve as indicated by49 respondents representing 71% of the total respondents. 63% of the damage caused by the problem-animals was targeted at crops and farm produce. Result shows that fencing is the most adopted method of curtailing the activities of problem-animals as reported by 66% of the respondents. The study showed that 73% of the respondents believed that compensation is one of the measures adopted by the management of the reserve to resolve conflict between people and wild animals around the reserve. Based on these findings, it was therefore concluded that, if effective control measures were not taken in order to stop the encroachment of these wildlife into the surrounding communities, the issue of human-wildlife conflict would continue and confrontation with the local people which usually led to killings of the animals would also escalate with resultant consequences on the population of these animals despite the fact that some of them were already on the list of endangered species.
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Human-wildlife, Conflict Management, Yankarigame Reserve, Bauchi State, Nigeria