Causes and Effects of Drug Abuse on Academic Performance in Kaptma Zone North Pemba Gando Village Wete District (Zanzibar)

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Kampala International University, school of Arts with education
This study investigated the causes and effects of drug abuse on academic performance in North Pemba Zone Gando village Wete District (Zanzibar). The study aims at establishing the relationship between Drug abuse and academic performance. The researcher adopted a qualitative technique and used a cross sectional descriptive survey. The population of 32 respondents was selected to key respondents of learners and 10 staff, was selected to bring out their objective views, opinions and judgments of the causes and likely effects of drug abuse. The study incorporated purposive random sampling as this method was systematic, simple and with this the researcher believed that she achieved her intended objectives. The sample size, constituted of 32 respondents! subjects of which 22 were given questionnaires and 10 responded to the interview. The research instruments used included interview guides, checklists, various types of tabular formats along with semi structured interview guides, focused group discussions and documentary analyzed by means of themes, comparative tables and category and rank analysis matrices
A Research Report Submitted In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirement Of The Award Of The Degree Of Bachelor Of Arts With Education Of Kampala International University
Causes and Effects of Drug Abuse, Pemba Gando Village Wete District (Zanzibar)