Intellectually challenged learners and academic performance: case study of Lorraki Division, Samburu District - Kenya

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Kampala International University: College of Education Open and Distance Learning
Samburu community is found in Northern Rift Valley province of Kenya. a long period, they have had a diverse type of disability such as physically handicapped, mentally intellectual, hearing impairment, epileptic cases etc. Samburu belief that some of the causes of disabilities are diseases while other causes are believed to be curse from ancestors, punishment from God due to sins committed by either parents of grandparents and witchcrafts. Despite the government of Kenya making basic education free and compulsory little effort have been put in place to help the disabled learn and compete effectively with other students. This research therefore tries to bridge the gap between the disabled and other normal students by providing essential information necessary to help the disabled. Sociological inquiry_ in form of survey was used for data collection whereby a pre-tested questionnaire was administered to respondents. Purposive sampling was used. The collected data from the survey was coded and entered in the computer and analyzed using the frequency distribution and percentage were used in data interpretation. The findings showed that intellectually challenged learners had no places for vocational training for instance Lodokejek transfer their learners to Meru. The curriculum offered does not meet all learners' needs as indicated by 87% of the respondents. Apparently effecting learning of intellectually challenged is not very successful as 71 % of the respondents recorded a negative response on cooperation between the local stakeholders, parents and teachers of Lorroki Division of Samburu District.
A research report presented in partial fulfillment of the requirement of a Bachelor of Education in special needs College of Education Open And Distance Learning of Kampala International University, Kampala Uganda
Intellectually Challenged Learners, Academic performance