Factors affecting academic performance of learners with hearing impairment in Masaba Diviston, Masaba District, Kenya

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Kampala International University, School of Education
The researcher investigated major problems which affect the academic performance of the! hearing impaired regular primary schoolp in Masaba Division Masaba District, Kenya. Despite education for all polIcy their interests are not addressed. Most of them are not schooling. If they are in school then they are despised hence looked down upon not knowing that they are normally human beings. Due to this, the researcher had to carry out research targeting the teachers who are handling these learners with learning impairments.The researcher found out that children with hearing Impairment are neglected. Normal children go to school while the challenged ones are at home doing because they are a curse to the family
A research report submitted to the faculty of education in partial fulfillment or the award of the bachelor of education in special needs education Of Kampala International University.
Academic performance, Learners, Hearing impairment