Human resource development and organizational performance:

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Kampala International University, College of economics and management
The study sought to investigate the impact of Human Resource Development and Organizational Performance at Somtel Telecommunication Company, Puntland, Somalia. The research was based on three objectives: to determine the effect of employee promotion on organization performance, to identify the effect of Employee job training on organization performance, and to examine effect of job rotation on organization performance. The research design for this study was survey research design. This study used a study population of 200 employees. However for the purpose of this research study, sample selection was a total of 133 subject to Solven’s formula to determine the minimum sample size. The study attained information from the field based on questionnaires. However the findings of the study indicated the following; promotion significantly affects employee performance in Somtel Company with (r-squared=0.088, & Sig=0.000), the findings also indicated that Employee job training has a significant effect on employee performance in Somtel Company, this also implied that effective employee job training improves the level of employee performance in Somtel Company (r-squared=0.102, & Sig=0.000), still the findings indicated that job rotation accounted for 56.2% effect on employee performance in Somtel Company. From the study findings the research concluded that job promotions if improved can generate the performance of Somtel Telecommunication Company, the study conclude further that promotions are an inducement to the generation of performance for Somtel Company. The study also concludes that training in jobs can generate coherence in the performance, training upgrades and updates the employees with the system functionality significant in enabling the performance of the company. The study also concluded that job rotation is a significant attempt to the inducement of the employees to perform in the organization. Job rotation mechanisms developed and designed signify the values provided to the generation of competencies in different field which salvages the employees towards the performance enhancements. From the study findings and conclusion made the researcher recommended that the management need to have promotions based on the employee performance in order to attain the value for the organizations and improve the funding effective role. The management of the organizations need to establish a procedure for promotions in order to attain the value and reduce the challenges in the promotions of the employees. There is need for avenues of communication significant in enabling the performance of the employees to different tasks which enhances the employee’s performance. The management should ensure to maintain job training is stimulated to generate organizational performance. There is need for the development of policy implementations for training needed in enhancing the management of the employees. The management should ensure to maintain job rotation in order to improve organizational performance.
A research dissertation presented to the college of economics and management in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a master’s degree in arts of human resource management of Kampala International University
Human resource, Development, Organizational performance, Somtel, Telecommunication, Company, Somalia