The impacts of training and employee retention in Organizations: A case study of Concern Worldwide Uganda – Nakulabye.

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management Sciences
The purpose of the study was to find out the impact of training on employees retention in Concern World wide Uganda. The objective of the study was to establish the relationship between training and retention of employees, to examine the impacts of training on retention of employees in organization, to examine the training methods used in Concern world wide Uganda. The researcher used questionnaires, interviews and observations as research instruments. The data collection comprised both primary and secondary data was also used random sampling. The finding indicated that, the impact of training and employee retention was found to be less that satisfactory. This partly contributes to internal factors which hinder the application of the course learning like lack of motivation, poor quality production, reduced moral and commitment, poor selecting of employees of training and facilities. It also discovered that training doer do not fulfill per condition deemed necessary for effective selection of procedures most especially for external training courses was heavily based on patronage and lobbing at the expense of training meeting area need that is beneficial to the organization. The general recommendations have been made that. In concern World Wide Uganda should try to change the policy of selecting employees for training and also management of Concern World Wide organization should motivate employees after training and use training methods to avoid employees for irrelevant programmes.
A dissertation Submitted To the School of Business And Management in the Partial Fulfillment for the Award of a Bachelors Degree in Human Resource Management at Kampala International University.
Training, Employees, Impacts, Organizations, Concern Worldwide Uganda – Nakulabye.