Effects of motivation on academic performance of leaners with leaning disabilities in public primary schools in Ojolla Zone Kjsumu East District. Kenya.

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Kampala International University, College of Education and Management
This study determined the extent to which learners with L.D are motivated to learn by their teacher& Specific: The objectives of the study were; to find out the causes of learning problems among learner 2. To investigate ways of preventing learning disability 3. To find out the indicators/symptoms of learning disability 4. To examine ways how a teacher can motivate students with learning disability to learn 0better. The study was conducted in Ojola Zone in Kisumu East District, Kenya. The area covers approximately 28 square kilometers of land. The area has 17 public primary school, three sub-locations in it namely, Jolla, Kanyawegi and Osiri. The zone is boarded by Kisumu- Busia highly on the northern side and shore of Lake Victoria on the eastern side. Kisumu —Bondo road transverses the zone at the middle 1. The study was of great significant to the following: (i) the result of this study will equip teachers with the applicable types of motivation for improvement of academic performance of learners with L.D in Ojolla zone. Teachers from outside the zone can also similarly benefit from the finding of the study to improve the learning of learners with L.D (ii) Curriculum developers for teachers training collages can use the finding of this research to enrich their curriculum on motivation especially for learners with L.D. (iii) Other stakeholders will appreciate the teaching challenges teachers of learners with L.D go through and may identify areas where they can assist in motivating the learners with L.D. (iv) The researcher too will gain from the study as he is going to gain an insight on the topic of discussion.
A research report presented to the institute of open and distance learning in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree of bachelor of education with special needs of Kampala International University
Motivation, Academic Performance, Leaners, Learning Disabilities, Public Primary Schools, Kenya.