Developing an authentic online human resource recruitment and information management system for a large workforce a case study of Kenya railways/riftv alley railways

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Kampala International University,School of Computing and Information Technology
This research project was set out to alleviate the problems that Human Resource Departments face from time to time as they undertake the process of looking for prospective employees for their respective corporations. As they are doing this, many impediments arise as to how they can manage to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible. For this, a number of factors arise. These factors affect overall performance of the Human Resource in discharging its responsibilities to the Organization which is the main financier and beneficiary of having a qualified and diverse workforce. The general objective of the project was to examine the factors affecting the recruitment and selection process that has led to loss of time, money and in-efficiency, the project intended to propose measures for improvement in this important yet neglected functionality. The research design used was a case study technique to obtain data from the target population which was the Kenya Railways staff and in particular, the Human resource Department. The study utilized documentation, interviews and observation to obtain the findings. The Human Resource/Recruitment Management System is a general purpose set of instruction that facilitates the process of advertising, applying and management of various applications of prospective employees; they describe the relational databases as a collection of data, typically describing the activities of one or more related origination; the report covers the fundamentals of the modern Human Resource management system in particular the implementation of a database system. What resulted from this was an efficient mechanism that allowed the proper management of job applications and selection by the Human Resource Staff. From the study we would recommend online application and management system to enable an easy transition from the application process to eventually the end of the recruitment and selection process.
A research project report submitted to the School of Computer Studies in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the Degree of Bachelor of Business Computing of Kampala International University
human resource, information, management system, Kenya railways